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Philip Kerr on football: clockwork orange

Philip Kerr on football: clockwork orange

Philip Kerr is having fun. After his amazing Berlin police novels -I specially liked Katyn Wood-, he’s going all-in on his tackling of football. I read the first 2 books of the Scott Mason series last summer, and man, were they an entertaining read. Kerr uses a fictional team in London in order to expose [...]

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Zadie Smith and Michael Jackson

I couldn’t understand why time had stopped. I must have been six or seven – my only existential concerns hovered around shooting crossbows and riding motorcycles in the Summer Camp. Why were we being paraded into the mess hall instead of going on with the afternoon activities? -This is the new Michael Jackson video -proclaimed [...]

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Elena Ferrante et les pratiques au Venezuela

Dans “Le nouveau nom” d’ #Elena #Ferrante, j’ai trouvé une anecdote fort intéressante. Car, ce volume, le deuxième de “L’amie prodigieuse”, est rempli des us et coutumes dans l’Italie de la post-guerre. Le magazine Lire l’a choisi comme livre de l’année -bon, on pourrait en parler-, mais j’étais surpris d’y trouver une pratique que nous [...]

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Goncourt 2016: Leila Slimani, “Chanson douce”

“THE BABY IS DEAD. It only took a few seconds. The doctor reassured her that it had gone with no [...]

“Purity”: Jonathan Franzen still doesn’t get it

Franzen continues his borderline pathological obsession with the internet in his new book, “Purity”. After blasting social networks repeatedly in [...]

Darragh McKeon’s Chernobyl

When Svetlana Aleksiévich won the Nobel Prize, I thought about tackling her “Voices of Chernobyl” book. A fascinating read, specially [...]

Amos Oz et la politique israélienne

L’auteur nous livre, dans son “Judas”, un récit très équilibré entre la création de l’État d’Israël, la figure de Judas [...]

A teachable moment

Ever since my daughter was born, I’ve been trying to write my “teachable moment”. You know, that scene in Hollywood [...]

“Boussole” de Mathias Enard

Le prix Goncourt de cette année est largement mérité. “Boussole” de Mathias Enard est un roman extrêmement érudit, où l’auteur [...]